steve jeske


When he’s not biking…

Steve’s responsibilities in the firm cover a vast range of tasks allowing him to effectively service our clients from initial contact to final building occupancy.  Excellent design, communication and project management skills ensure clients find a high level of comfort and confidence when working with Steve.  Whether it’s designing an appealing space within a difficult site or convincing a local municipality of the value of a project to the community, he will make certain that all parties involved feel as though they received the red carpet treatment.  Responsive and thorough performance in each and every task will guarantee the client understanding and satisfaction throughout the design process.

Steve spends his off time mountain bike racing for Team Pedal Moraine.  This includes racing in the Wisconsin Off-Road Series (WORS) as a “Comp” level competitor, Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series (WEMS), Metro Mountain Biker’s Crystal Ridge Time Trials and other races such as the 24 Hour of 9 Mile endurance race.