Yeshiva Elementary School
Building Renovation
Milwaukee, WI

Haag Müller, Inc., DesignShare and Beeler Construction, Inc. are proud to present photos of a 3-story addition and remodeling of the Yeshiva Elementary School located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This addition/remodel added an additional 17,000 square feet to the existing 21,000 square foot building.  Yeshiva's Rabbi/Principal contacted Design Share and asked for help in solving the problems facing the staff and students at the school.  The rooms were shadowed, overcrowded and showing signs of deterioration.  Design Share, located in Minneapolis, MN, then contacted Haag Müller, Inc. and together they blended the old with the new, created bright innovative classrooms and a school that welcomes the children, staff and visitors alike. 

 Beeler Construction, Inc. is the General Contractor for the Project.  They faced an extremely difficult site in which to work and store materials.  Much of the remodeling was to take place while the school was in session; a distraction for the school, a challenge for construction workers and an inconvenience for both.

This Graphic courtesy of Randall Fielding/DesignShare

Whitney Gould, the Urban Landscape Writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,
wrote an article on November 26, 2001 about the completed project.
  Some of her comments were:

"Begun in September 2000, the $2.7 million project opened a year later, in time for fall classes, and on budget."

"There were more basic to make a new building big enough to serve the school's needs without overwhelming the modest homes along the block?  How to link the addition with the still-needed spaces in the synagogue building, a faceless, suburban-looking artifact of the '50s, and the former grocery, a dumpy little red-brick and Lannon stone box from the same era?"

"Step inside ............ a sun-drenched, sky-lighted corridor, its wall punctuated above and below by bands of windows, bridges the old and new sections and sends light into basement classrooms and other connecting rooms."

"There's also a three-story, sky lighted atrium overlooking a balconied, indoor playground.  With sun pouring in from the atrium, from sidelight panels next to the doors and from windows in the angled bays, the classrooms welcome in the outdoors like an old friend - a far cry from the cave-like claustrophobia of the old school.  Also in the works is a roof garden."

"It's a child's dream."
                                                                                ... Perel Wachsman, a teacher.

"The kids like the playground so much we can't get rid of them at the end of the day!"

                                                                            ... Gila Saltzman, a teacher.