WI Street Redevelopment
Port Washington, WI


Townhouse Front Elevation

Townhouse Rear Elevation

Site/ Landscape Plan (Single Family Home and Townhouses)

This redevelopment is an infill project consisting of one single-family residence and a 3-unit townhouse.  Although once the location of Port Washington's first commercial brewery, the former brick building and property had fallen into severe disrepair.

The redevelopment concept is to infill the west side of the property with a 1- 1/2 story, craftsman style single family residence that blends in with the existing residential character along Harrison Street.  The significant grade change from Harrison Street (high) to Wisconsin Street (low) was capitalized on by providing the single family residence with a garage entry off of the basement level, not visible from Harrison Street (further blending with the predominant "alley access" residences on Harrison St.).

The east portion of the property, fronting Wisconsin Street, was chosen for the 3-unit townhouse building.  Because of the busier nature of Wisconsin Street, a higher density of residential units is appropriate.  But also, because Wisconsin Street is busier, garage access to the row houses was designed to enter the site from Harrison Street.  Providing shared vehicular access between the single family residence and multi-family units also results in less paved surface, thereby increasing the green space.

The townhouse units have several enhanced architectural features, on both the exterior and interior.  Examples of exterior features include: all brick facades (including brick fan-course and split-face lintel and wainscoting detailing); large window fenestrations on the east and west sides to maximize daylight into the units; recessed split-level entrances at the front to provide privacy, separation, and shelter; flying cornices with support brackets; and an overall "geometric rhythm".  As a way to acknowledge the history of the property, the front bays of the units will be faced with cream city brick reclaimed from the former brewery building.  Examples of interior features include: an open concept floor plan to public spaces, use of transom windows above doorways to allow daylight to travel through the interior space, 9-foot high ceilings, and built-in nooks, just to name a few.

This is an exciting project, not only because of its unique features, but also because of the mix of residential choices it brings to the community, combined with the visual improvement to the neighborhood!