St. Peter's Catholic Church
Port Washington, WI


The St. Peter’s Bell Tower is the vision of an extremely ambitious Eagle Scout who wanted to give back to his parish and school as part of his Eagle Scout project.  Although the existing church and school building is very unique it is still architecturally a very modest building that is set back from the main road.  The scout wanted to have the bell tower be an icon that will draw your attention and be seen from the street but still be in keeping with the existing building’s architecture.  The Bell tower is located on an island in the parking area directly on axis to the main entry to the sanctuary.  Walking through the tower is part of the natural progression into the sanctuary.  The bell tower consists of the three massive masonry walls that grow out of the earth.  The outer walls are brick to match the original building with the center wall being a natural limestone to match the existing retaining walls on the site.  The low pitched roof feels very light and floats above the tower as a counter to the massive walls below. 

Preliminary Sketch