McDonald's Restaurant
3731 Enterprise Drive
Rochester, MN

The interior complements the new "High Impact" exterior design.  A clean and very sophisticated interior design concept was created for this space.  The finishes include: a mix of wood tones from a rich chocolate brown to a medium toned maple color, metal accent materials, decorative acrylic panels, mosaic glass tiles, inlayed floor tile design using 3 different color tones (light warm gray, deep charcoal gray & cream accents), and the use of a variety of upholstery fabrics throughout.  There are a variety of seating zones that were planned for this space including: built-in settee seating, bar height seating, lounge seating elements, community table feature, kids' seating area, and overall, a variety of booth and chair styles mixed throughout the space.  Lighting is also a huge component of the interior design.  A variety of decorative light fixtures were selected to ground the seating locations and provide a warm feel to the space from the interior as well as views from the exterior. This is a true example of a high-end one-of-a-kind McDonald's Interior!

Focal Seating Area

Divider Decor Panel

High-Back Booth Seating Area

Settee Seating Area

Lounge Dining

Modern TV Seating Area