102 East Grand Ave.
Port Washington, WI

In 2002, the owner's of Beanie's Mexican Restaurant and Cantina in Port Washington, Wisconsin decided it was time for an expansion and facelift.
By expanding from the 1950's era concrete block structure into the adjacent brick building from the early 1900's, the capacity of the dining area was doubled.  Through the use of bright colors, high ceilings, expansive windows and unique decor, the restaurant's festive atmosphere welcomes diners day and night.
The exterior of the two separate buildings was united to appear as one.  The new appearance, with it's Cream City Brick, large street side windows and canvas awning recalls turn-of-the-century downtown Port Washington.

On November 19th, 2003, Beanies Mexican Restaurant won Port Washington's Beautification Award!

"What it was then and now - it's day and night.  They did the expansion and remodeling so well and so tastefully.  It's just a wonderful gateway on that corner now."

                                                                                                ...Chamber of Commerce Director, Mary Monday



Beanies at the Turn-of-the-Century

Beanies - Before the remodel - March 2003

Proposed "New Look"

Festive Interiors

Creative Seating